Free Credit Analysis for Annuitants and Lottery Winners

What's your credit score?

Most people don't know their credit score, even though it's an important part of their financial picture. That's why AnFed Bank offers a free* credit analysis for and . We can show you what your credit score is and, if you wish, help you develop a plan to improve it. There is no obligation for calling, and this credit analysis is entirely free of charge if you are a lottery winner or you receive structured settlement or other annuity payments.

Don't pay for a credit analysis when you can take advantage of what we have to offer. We invite you to get your free* credit analysis from AnFed Bank today! Simply call (855)-AnFed-4U to speak to an AnFed Bank representative, or you can fill out the form to the right and we will contact you as soon as possible.



*Free to structured settlement annuitants and lottery prize winners currently receiving periodic payments or owning the right to receive future payments.