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Get a Lump Sum Payment for Your Structured Settlement

Get the money you need when you need it.

When you sell your structured settlement to AnFed Bank, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you're dealing with an FDIC-insured financial institution. Plus, you won't have to hassle with a middle man to receive a cash payout for your structured settlement, so you'll get more of the money you're entitled to, and you'll get it faster.

AnFed Bank will provide you with a lump sum payment to meet your current financial needs, and our friendly banking experts will guide you through every step of the process to ensure a smooth, simple transaction.

Take the next step and cut out the middle man. Give Annuitants Federal Bank a call today!


Why AnFed Bank?

Annuitants Federal Bank is a division of BofI Federal Bank, a federally chartered, publicly traded (NASDAQ: BOFI), FDIC-insured bank. Selling your structured settlement to AnFed Bank for a lump sum payment offers a number of benefits in addition to the cash that you will receive in a timely, efficient manner:

  1. Our knowledgeable bankers are available to walk you through the process of selling your structured settlement and make sure your needs are met.
  2. We understand how important your structured settlement payments are to you. We will pay you a lump sum in cash that reflects the true value of your structured settlement.
  3. Other companies are simply brokers who wedge themselves between structured settlement annuitants (such as you) and the financial institutions that actually purchase the payments (such as us). cuts out the middle man so you get more money faster. Why pay a broker when you can go direct?

Please and then contact one of our friendly, experienced AnFed bankers to find out more about how we can help you get money for your structured settlement quickly and hassle free.



Why Sell Your Payments?

  • cutting a credit cardEliminate Debt
  • houseBuy or Build A Home
  • carPurchase a Vehicle
  • growth chartInvest in a Business
  • grad capPay Educational Expenses
  • question markFinancial Emergencies

Working with AnFed Bank has its advantages compared to a 3rd party broker

  • Highly regulated federal bank
  • Will waive ALL fees
  • Guaranteed funding
  • First class customer service
  • Guaranteed response to your calls
  • Highly competitive bank pricing