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Sell Structured Settlements

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Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments. Get The Money You Need When You Need It.

You never need to be strapped for cash if you have a structured settlement. AnFed Bank wants to buy as much of your future structured settlement payment stream as you want to sell. You’ll get a generous lump sum payment to help meet your current financial needs, and you’ll have the peace of mind of working with the industry experts.

Why Sell Your Payments?

  • Eliminate debt.
  • Buy a home.
  • Purchase a vehicle.
  • Invest in business ventures.
  • Pay educational expenses.
  • Provide for unexpected needs.

Why AnFed?

  • We are a division of BofI Federal Bank, a federally chartered, publically traded and FDIC insured bank.
  • Not only will you have the security that comes with knowing that you are working with a real bank, but you also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are working with some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the structured settlement finance industry.
  • We understand how important your payments are to you, and will pay you what they are really worth.
  • Other companies are simply brokers who wedge themselves between structured settlement annuitants (such as you) and the financial institutions (such as us) that actually purchase the payments. AnFed Bank cuts out the middleman — so you get more money, and you get it faster! Why pay a broker when you can go direct?

Call Now.

Ask the AnFed Bank experts how we can help you. Call us today or fill out the form to the right and we will contact you.

What is a structured settlement?
A structured settlement is a financial package offered to personal injury claimants that allows compensation to be paid in regular installments rather than in one lump sum. These installments may be paid over a fixed period or over the recipient's lifetime.
Do I have to sell my entire structured settlement?
No, you do not have to sell your entire structured settlement. Each of our customers is in a different financial situation. Most often individuals who sell the structured settlement payments choose to only sell a portion of their payments. Our expert staff will help you to design a transaction that will best suit your needs.
Do I have to pay tax on the lump sum I receive from selling my structured settlement to AnFed Bank?
No. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 104(a)(2), court ordered structured settlement assignments are tax free.
How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. Call (855) AnFed 4U and speak to an AnFed Bank representative who can help you achieve your financial goals.
Can I use my structured settlement to get a loan through AnFed Bank?
Yes. In addition to buying structured settlement payments, AnFed Bank is also able to offer loans. Call AnFed Bank today at (855) AnFed 4U to speak to an AnFed Bank representative and see which option is best suited for you.
What if my settlement agreement or annuity policy contains anti-sale or anti-assignment language?
Even if your annuity policy contains anti-assignment language, AnFed Bank will still be able to help. Call (855) AnFed4U to speak to an AnFed Bank representative who will be able to help you understand your options for getting cash.
What if I have previously sold some payments to another company? Can I sell more now?
Absolutely. AnFed Bank has extensive experience in dealing with individuals who have completed prior transactions. Call us today (855) AnFed 4U to speak to an AnFed Bank representative who can help you get the most out of your next transaction.
What about those sites that offer quotes from multiple companies?
Web sites that offer multiple quotes from competing companies are basically brokers for brokers. Our goal at AnFed Bank is to cut out the middleman, not add an extra one. When you work with AnFed Bank, you have the benefit of working directly with the financial institution that will purchase your payments.
Do you charge any closing fees or other costs?
Absolutely not. Other companies claim to offer the best price, but then tack on hidden fees. With AnFed Bank, there are no hidden fees and no surprises, just the best price.
How long does it to get my cash after I accept your offer?
Because a court has to approve the transfer of your payments, the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction can vary depending on the court and the state in which you live. At AnFed Bank we understand that sometimes people need cash right away, so many times we are able to advance a portion of the funds in as little as a few days after signing. If your need for cash is immediate, call an AnFed Bank representative now at (855) AnFed 4U and ask about getting an advance on your transaction.
Do I need to have good credit or a job to sell my structured settlement payments?
No. You do not need good credit or a job. We work with annuitants in all financial situations. If your credit score is not what you would like it to be, we will be happy to work with you to improve it. Don’t forget that we’re a division of a federally chartered bank. Your financial wellbeing is always our top priority.
How much are my structured settlement payments worth?
The value of your future payments depends on several factors, including the insurance company that issued your annuity policy, the size of each payment, and the timeframe in which the payments are scheduled to be received. For example, a $10,000 payment due tomorrow is going to be worth more than a $10,000 payment due in ten years. Call AnFed Bank today at (855) AnFed 4U and one of our representatives will be happy to calculate the value of your remaining payments for you. Of course, there is no cost or obligation for this service.

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Peace of Mind vs. In A Bind

What happens if you accidentally bounce an important check? With Overdraft Protection from AnFed Bank, your important check doesn’t bounce at all. It’s exactly the peace of mind you need. Best of all, if you never use our Overdraft Protection, it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Choose from two types of Overdraft Protection:

Option 1: Overdraft Line of Credit

We’ll advance funds to your online checking account to cover an overdrawn check, up to the limit of your line of credit. Unlike many banks, we don’t charge an advance fee.

For current accounts, get an application form here, then fax or mail the completed form.

Option 2: Overdraft protection by linking accounts

Link your online checking account to an online savings account. Use the balance in the linked account to cover the shortfall in your online checking account (up to the full balance of the linked account).

To set up: log in to your account and send us a secure message indicating the last 5 digits of the two account numbers you would like to have linked together. (Regulations limit savings and money markets accounts to a maximum of 6 transactions per month.)

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“ Thank you so much! You and Anfed have gone above and beyond to provide the absolute best service I could ask for. You beat everyone in price, you beat everyone in service and web visibility, and you provided the level of personal attention that was needed over this long drawn out process. Because of the personal attention you've put into this project, and the fact that I think the BofI Federal Bank and Anfed are built right for the new age, I will absolutely be pursuing a home loan when the time comes for that. ”
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